Guest Speaking/Media

Since the Trek Series began I’ve been speaking about the ventures with people of all ages, interests and backgrounds.

Invitations from Rotary clubs, high schools, universities, tourism operators as well as corporate businesses across the country have allowed me to share my enthusiasm for putting one foot in front of the other and the choices made to achieve goals, sustain the ‘right attitude, engage people’s will power, explore extraordinary parts of the country, on foot, and raise some dollars for charity.

The Trek Series talks also provide time for in-depth Q & A sessions. I welcome the chance to share some of the footwork I’ve done with you. 

For any guest speaking bookings please contact me.


Thank you to Chris Mein from Paddy Pallin, the key supporters of my food supplies during the 2016 solo Nullarbor crossing, for sharing why Paddy Pallin decided to support this trek.

“We believe you, through your ambitions and self drive, through your writing and photography, are able to play a part in encouraging people to get out into the bush to explore both Australia and the world. This is the best way to get people to appreciate the natural environment and the many varied cultures of the world and it’s through this appreciation we hope that they would play a future part in their conversation. You’re a trekker. This is yours and our core activity”.

Chris Mein, Operations and Marketing Manager for Paddy Pallin

President’s Blog – Rotary Club of Perth
Laps and walls
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Cairns to Cape York and 100 laps of Uluru – Peta Burton


“One of Peta’s journeys in 2014 took her from Cairns to Cape York via the ‘remote and dusty route’, and then this year Peta committed herself to walking 100 laps round Uluru. Peta has written a book called ‘a thousand cups of concrete’ which is currently being edited and awaiting funding to enable its publication but the gist of the story is that when the going gets tough, the feet suffer and they need some tender loving care plus some personal ‘grit’ and endless amounts of determination to continue the journey complete with a face- mask to minimise the inhalation of red dust along the journey. There are so many good stories Peta told about her journey but you will need to wait for the launch of her book to understand why she was doing this and what drove her to do so but did she make it to the tip of Cape York? If you were not at the Friday meeting then pester Peta to get that book published in order for you to find out if she made it there in the end?

In regard to Peta’s myriad of walks round the perimeter of Uluru and her recollection of her personal journey, her descriptions of this challenge was not unlike listening to the smooth magic of a new musical symphony or the colour of poetry. The emotion she described/felt/portrayed throughout her travels, the elation of seeing the changes in the landscape and the depiction of the hardship she had to endure because of the changing weather conditions. Against that Peta was able to describe the natural beauty of the area, the bearing of the rock itself, the exhilaration of being free to do what she personally wanted to do and was able to achieve, this was I felt, Peta’s underlying message, that despite the physical challenges and hardship and then to steal a song phrase this is truly about where ‘The Rubber meets the Road’, her feet in this story are the hero but then, her determination…..Who says that women are the weaker sex, evidence would suggest otherwise? This is part one of Peta’s story, you, as members of the Club are on standby for Peta’s return at about this time next year for her to update us as to what can be achieved in the mind of those that are willing and also those who have that pure energy to succeed?

I have no hesitation in suggesting that the Rotary Club of Perth is so much more successful in its project achievements because we have so many wonderful and powerful female leaders in our Club and they are drivers of change and their advice and views as to a shift in male attitude is greatly appreciated. In this Peta, your thoughts are part of the progress of mankind and to be fair and equal womankind too!”

Graham Peden, President – Rotary of Perth 2015/201