The Trek Series

This is a series of treks Peta created about achieving goals, engaging the ‘right’ attitude, exploring Australia and the world while raising some dollars for charity. The treks satisfy a great need to know and learn as well as provide opportunities to write, photograph and share Australia far beyond the access to four wheels. All it takes is two feet and a direction to expand one horizon and seek another.

2014 – Cairns to Cape
Raised: $11 000

During the 1000km / 30-day Cairns to Cape York non-stop walk I covered between 21 and 46km a day to arrive at the most northern point of the continent on July 14, 2014 completing 1014km.

2015 – Round The Rock
Raised: $1 050

During the 1000km / 30-day 100 laps of Uluru trek I covered up to 52km on the longest day and completed 1060km on June 23, 2015.

2016 – Nullarbor Crossing

Raised: $2 000

1200.1km Nullarbor trek in 31 days, reaching 53km on the longest day and running the last 20km to raise funds for Foodbank, Blaze Aid, Project Numbat and Tiwi Island Football.

2018 – Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay

Bearer #52, Day 67, Darwin Esplanade

2019 – Kokoda Track

The great 96km trek linking south to north Papua New Guinea.

2020 – World Walks

Target: $10 000. Non-stop trek around one country or province of Canada and UK.

2021 – 50 Feet

Target: $50 000. Walk around Australia.

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